Financial Insights & Updates - January 2021


Welcome to the January edition of Financial Insights and Updates.

As we edge towards the end of January, it is still not too late to look at incorporating some financial resolutions to your list if you haven’t already done so. Our first article “Financial Resolutions to Kick Start the New Year” will give you some suggestions to consider.
This year, we have decided to include an economic update every quarter which you will find in the second article “Quarterly Economic Update October – December 2020”.
For those considering embarking on new business ventures, our third article “5 tips for starting your own successful business” will provide some points for deliberation.
In signing off, please remember that we are always available to answer any questions or queries you may have. We look forward to an amazing year of working with you.

Warm regards,

The Team at Savanna Pride




5 tips for starting your own successful business

Want to be your own boss but not sure where to start?
Some people’s dream is to nurture a business idea through to success. Calling the shots, working their preferred hours and achieving financial independence fires their dream... Read More


How does Australia pension plan stack up

One in six people will be over 65 years old by 2050. With the world's population ageing quickly, it is natural to think about how pension systems around the world will cope, particularly in Australia. Fortunately, Australia's three-component retirement income system means our age pension system is well-equipped to support older Australians now and well into the future... Read More


The US influence on Australian shares

There’s an old saying in investment circles: ‘when Wall Street sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold’. That’s not surprising. The New York Stock Exchange is by far the world’s largest, so what happens there is bound to be noticed by stock exchanges everywhere, including Australia... Read More


Retirees’ cash flow drought

While cuts in interest rates are greeted with glee by homebuyers and other borrowers, for the millions of retirees and others who depend on interest payments for their income, falling interest rates can be a disaster. For them, a drop in interest rates from 4% to 3% equates to a 25% drop in income. If rates fall from 2% to 1%, income falls by a massive 50%. Add in even a modest level of inflation, and many retirees are going backwards financially. And while the RBA has indicated... Read More


Personal risk management plan – do you have one?

Risk Management Plans don’t only apply to businesses – every person and family should also have a plan to help them cope in the event of an unexpected crisis.
No doubt you have insured your car as the risks of damage are obvious to you on a daily basis. You will almost certainly have insured your home and contents against fire, burglary or storms. But what about your greatest asset: your income... Read More


Estate planning for your digital life

Occasionally we send an email to someone’s work only to find they are no longer employed there and a dutiful administrator has closed the account. Have you ever considered who’s going to close your personal online accounts after you die.. Read More