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How can we help you

Lifestyle Visioning

Goal setting
Perfect Week

Personal Risk Insurance

What type of cover is required?
What level of cover is required?
What entities hold and pay for cover?
Family protection

Regular Communication

Market Updates
Educational Seminars

Portfolio Management

Managed Funds
Direct Shares
Asset Allocation
Risk Profiling
Exchange Traded Funds
Real Return Funds

Aged Care Steps

Your Options and Pathways
Involving your Family
Home Care Packages to stay in your home
Aged Care and your Centrelink Age Pension
-Funding Residential Care
Referrals to Placement Agencies

Investment Property Portfolio

Investment objectives and evaluations
Debt efficiency
Taxation benefits
Relationship to overall plan

Debt Management

Current repayments and opportunities to accelerate repayments
Current debt
Interest rate
Fixed or Variable

Building a Plan for Retirement

Family lifestyle objectives for retirement
Potential timing for retirement
Income requirements
Taxation planning
Options to retire earlier

Wealth Accumulation

Best utilisation of cash flow
Investment advice
Salary sacrifice (superannuation)
Accumulation of wealth for retirement

Review of Estate Planning

Asset protection
Powers of Attorney
Beneficiary nominations (Super)
Testamentary Trusts

Succession Planning

Legal issues
Valuation/ Accounting

Cash Flow Management

Bill Paying
Potential for Wealth Accumulation

Where are you?

Every individuals needs are tailored to their desired lifestyle and the stage of life they are at. Therefore no two financial plans are the same.

Young to mid-life

You may be looking at:

Getting married
Your first home
Starting a family
Family health care
Business planning


This is your consolidation stage:

Protection of your lifestyle
Tax management
Retirement planning
Long-term care planning


20 or more years before retirement:

Protection of assets
Debt elimination
Family healthcare
Helping your children
Retirement planning
Wills and trusts
Business exit strategy


Your time to relax and indulge:

Protection of your lifestyle and assets
Aged care planning
Inheritance tax mitigation
Gifting to family
Preserving your capital
Estate planning

Aged Care Steps


Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Professionals WA was formed as a group in February 2007 following training by the internationally renowned Marion Korn (founding member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals).

The primary focus of this Western Australian group is to develop and support a form of family law dispute resolution that is respectful, future focussed and operates outside of the litigation process.

Collaborative Professionals WA will work together with and draw upon the expertise of a range of trained professional helpers (e.g. Accountants, Child Experts, Financial Advisors, Lawyers) to assist people to resolve disputes about their separation, their children and their property and finances.

The members of Collaborative Professionals WA are committed to helping people resolve disputes in a non-adversarial setting.

Active Advice Beyond This Sporting Life

We all love to watch our elite sportsmen and women display their talents on the field and in the pool. But sporting success doesn’t lead to financial security. With the help of adviser Lawrie O’Neill, Rob Beveridge has created a lifestyle vision for life beyond sport which includes financial security.

Read the full interview with Rob Beveridge

“You can have a relationship that is just business-like, but we’ve developed a personal relationship. He understands my industry and professional sport; that’s helped me a lot.”

Rob Beveridge - Perth Wildcats Coach 2009 - 2013